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Jan. 16th, 2011

kame tasty

Writing after a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time

Writing after a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time because I'm feeling restless with the fandom.  Why, I don't really know.   T_T  Somebody save me....

I need a Cartoon Kat-tun,  a Kame drama, a Guam Kame!  Please...

On a more positive note, i live near here!  If Kame came to visit Tsuyo-kun, he should be careful walking down the street with that new and improved baseball butt! LOL!

May. 26th, 2009

kame tasty

Indulged Husband - Part III

-where we witness two styles of fighting and three types of love-making-

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kame tasty

Indulged Husband - Part II

-where Nakamaru sets his plan in motion- 

May. 25th, 2009

Pure energy!

Indulged Husband - Part I

Sequel to Husband and Wife

-where two members decide Akanishi has been spoiled enough-Collapse )Read more...Collapse )</div>

May. 22nd, 2009

Pure energy!

Husband and Wife

-where Jin gets bullied and Kame defends-
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Fluff one-shot by Surchi

disclaimer:  dont own kat-tun;  characters based on overactive imagination. 
Kat-tun were getting ready in the dressing room of the major television network.  They were there to promote their latest single.  Ueda was touching up his make-up.  Kame stood in front of the giant mirror tweaking his hair for the millionth time, micro adjusting the strands, and posing as he viewed the effect.  
*Pose*  *tweak*
 *tweak*  *Pose!* 
Koki and Jin were actively trading insults and occasionally told to shut up by Maru who was attempting to nap on the couch.  Junno just looked on with his princely air which annoyed everyone so they avoided looking at him as much as possible.  
"You look like you just came out of the dish water, longie!"  
"Your jean look like you came out of the blender, bouzu!"
"I borrowed this from Kame" Koki made his fish face.
"Uh?  Shut up bouzu, everything you put on immediately turns into trash.  Kazu, you shouldn't let him borrow anything."  Jin looked at Kame to make sure he wasn't insulted.  When Kame smiled, he grinned back in relief.
Jin turned and glared at Koki again. 'I'm gonna kill him, he almost got me in trouble again, that baldie.', he fumed. 
Kame looked at Jin thru the mirror.  Jin didn't look like he was going to put on any make-up or do his hair.  'Not that he needs it', Kame thought while ogling the delicious skin surreptitiously.  He wondered at his band-mate's too relaxed attitude these days.  He came up with an explanation for it but now he felt he must give him a push.
"Are you at least going to dry your hair, Jin?  We don’t have a lot of time!" Kame asked with a worried look.
'What are you asking?  He's just gonna stick his stupid hat on again.  And let IT do the styling."  Koki smirked as Jin glared even harder at him.  Ueda and Nakamaru fell off the furniture laughing.
"Wait till this is over, Stupid Rapper."  Jin murmured to himself.
"Hat-style hairstyle" Junno quipped, smiling at his own stupid pun, only to get himself vicious looks from all sides.
During the talk:
"So, Akanishi-san, are hats very much in fashion these days?", the host asked interestedly.
"Uh, yes, of course.  I like them." Jin was a little scared because this host had a reputation for making fun of his guests.
"I like them too.  But you seem to be really attached to them.  Are you going bald perhaps?",  he asked with an exaggeratedly worried look and leaned in as if to look under the hat.
"Yikes! I assure you I'm not going bald!" Jin avoided the hand by leaning as far away as possible in the other direction and into Kame.
"KYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" < fangirl audience
Jin looked embarrassed and straightened up.
"I'm trying for a more natural, cool look.”, he explained.
"He's trying for a more natural, lazy look.”, Koki offered.
Jin glared and he seemed to forget where they were and continue their previous fight,  immediately worrying the other members.
"He is more like a husband now, that's all”, Kame interjected quickly.
EHHHHHHHHHHHH????? < audience
Kame was sorry he opened his mouth.
"What?  When did you get married?",  the host asked gleefully.
The squeals took quite a long time to calm down this time.
"No, No, No, I only meant his relationship with the fans.", he was really sorry he opened his mouth.  Now he had to explain his theory.
"Go on, continue.", the host asked and even Jin looked very interested.
"Well, after a husband has been married for many years, he's confident of his wife's affection and let's himself go a little.  I'm not saying Akanishi let himself go!", he shouted before the EHHHH!s started. "I'm just saying he is more confident of the wife's...I mean, the fan's..,um, affection and can be more, um, natural..." he stuttered to a stop and hoped he confused everyone enough not to have to explain again.  
"Oh! Excellent explanation.  I agree, I agree.  Akanishi-san has so much support, as a top idol, to allow Akanishi-san to let himself relax in a natural style."  The host leaned over to Kamenashi.  
"So then, why do you try so hard still, Kamenashi-san?  You never look the same in any two appearances.  Why don't you relax with your top idol status?"  
Kame thought he would explode trying to find an explanation.  What can he say that doesn't put down Jin in the process?  
The host was smiling as if he's dangling both of Kat-tun's top idols in his one hand.  One was thinking hard to answer and the other looked glazed over.
"Well, er,  it's like, um,  As in a marriage!"  Kame answered, happy to find a fitting analogy.  "Like a stylish wife can keep her husband interested so he doesn't look at another woman, It's my job to keep our fans interested in Kat-tun and not be bored." He quickly added.
"So according to you, Akanishi san is the husband and you......are the wife!"
KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! < audience  
'Sigh!' < Akame
Afterwards, while walking to the dressing room:
An embarrassed Kame silently followed Kat-tun out of the studio.
"So, if Kame is the stylish wife...why is this guy the husband?",  Koki made his fake-disgusted look at Jin.
"Sorry everyone!",  Kame apologized with his kicked-puppy dog face.  "I officially resign as a spokesperson.  Sorry, Jin", he whispered.
T-TUN assured him not to worry and walked into the dressing room.  Jin stopped at the door and pulled Kame aside into the vacant corridor.
"It's ok, you have nothing to be embarrassed about.", Jin looked at Kame's downturned face.
"Because of me, the host implied we were husband and wife.”, Kame lifted his eyes to look at Jin and to see if there was any anger in his face.
"Well, it is true, what you said.",  Jin told him.
Kame's head whipped up.  
"I'm like a husband confident of my wife's affection and you are definitely keeping the husband interested", he looked at Kame with a smile like an affectionate 'husband' would.
Kame's face was burning.
"A very cute wife."
"Shuddup!"  Kame hit him and blushed some more.
"A very mean wife!" 
Jin laughed when Kame tried to rush into the dressing room, his whole body in flames.  He was pulled back and a strong pair of arms embraced him from behind.
"...who always has my back."  Jin whispered in his ear.
"KYAAAAAA!  Akame Moment!", squealed T-TUN and various staff who were looking from the doorway, "A real public one too.  Don't you think these are getting more frequent?", Maru asked.
"Kame-chan, get away from the gorilla!" 
"Baldie!!!  I'm gonna kill you for sure!"
the end-
Author’s note:
My first completed fic.  Please be brutal. I'm feeling very 'M' today.
I want to dedicate it to all the akame fic writers who have kept me interested in the band during subbing droughts.  
P.S. There will be a sequel.

Apr. 24th, 2009

kame tasty

New Fiction


I'm working on a Akame fic that I don't want to post until I know where it's going.  Please visit me later.  chao!
kame tasty